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Typefully, A Powerful Tool To Get More Twitter Followers

Once you’ve written great content on your website you need to promote it. Typefully is a tool to help you get more Twitter followers and grow your Twitter audience.

Benefits of using a Twitter automation tool

Typefully, or other automation tools, don’t do anything you can’t do if you dedicate lots of time to using Twitter and are very disciplined.

But, is that the best use of your time? Couldn’t you be doing more important work than consistently checking Twitter and posting tweets?

I prefer to dedicate a block of time to writing content for Twitter and then use a tool, like Typefully, to automate and schedule that content to go out on Twitter during the following week.

Typefully – a tool for getting more Twitter followers: Table of Contents

  1. Twitter threads
    • Draft tweets for a thread
    • Auto-numbering threads
    • Quote the first tweet
  2. Auto tweet using Typefully
  3. Using Typefully as a Twitter post scheduler
    • Next free slot
    • Find the best time to tweet
    • Pick a time you want to tweet
    • Schedule retweets
  4. Analytics
  5. Paid plans
  6. Is it worth it?

Twitter Threads

Typefully has support for writing threads. A Twitter thread is a series of related tweets, it’s useful when you have more to say than can fit into 280 characters.

Provide more value to your followers by consistently writing high-quality threads.

Draft tweets for a thread

In Typefully, you first draft your tweets. Once drafted you can queue them to be posted according to a schedule you define – more on scheduling tweets later.

Drafts, Queue, Tweeted UI in Typefully

The writing interface is minimal, that’s on purpose. Without distractions, you can focus on writing.

Threads can add more value than a single tweet. Consider repurposing a blog article as a Twitter thread and then linking to your article at the bottom of the thread.

Auto-numbering threads

I like to number Twitter threads, it’s useful for readers to know in advance how big the thread will be. The problem is as you write the thread you may want to add or remove tweets but don’t want to renumber the whole thread each time.

Typefully can automatically number your Twitter thread for you:

auto numbering of Twitter threads in Typefully

This is a big time saver and avoids numbering mistakes.

Quote the first tweet

At the end of a thread you want readers to retweet you, the problem is they would have to go back up to the first tweet. Typefully gives you the option of quoting the first tweet at the end, with a message to retweet if they liked the thread. This is easier for the reader and takes less effort, always a good thing to do.

Auto tweet using Typefully

You may have a tweet or thread that gets a lot of engagement and you would like to auto post a tweet to get people to follow you.

You can set this up using Typefully. Each tweet or thread has an “auto-plug tweet” setting. Check out the image below to see what it looks like.

Auto-plug tweet UI in Typefully

You can set what kind of user engagement to track before triggering the auto post, either Likes or Retweets. This can give your thread more attention and get you more Twitter followers, or retweets.

Using Typefully as a Twitter post scheduler

I prefer not to haphazardly tweet during the day nor do I have the patience or discipline to dedicate multiple times per day to tweeting at the optimum time. Instead, I write a series of single tweets in one sitting and then queue them all.

500 MILLION tweets are sent every day

Mention 2018

Later on, I can schedule them to go out over the next week at optimised times.

I do one task at a time so I can focus all my time and attention on completing the task as best I can.

Scheduling tweets in Typefully will help you tweet at the optimum time, the time most of your followers are using Twitter.

Typefully gives you a few options for scheduling your tweets.

Next free slot

schedule tweet for next available slot
Press the -> section of the schedule button to schedule tweeting on the next free slot.

Find the best time to tweet

Typefully will look at your engagement stats and decide what is the best time to tweet. You can see from the image below that it would tweet at 9 am local time.

find best time to tweet

Pick a time you want to tweet

You can choose to manually set a schedule slot. Press the “Select schedule slot” and you will see a list of upcoming tweets, just pick the day and time you want and click “Schedule here”.

select schedule slot

By analysing your engagement stats you can figure out when the best time to tweet is for your audience. Then schedule future tweets to go out at those times.

Experiment with different times until you get an idea of when the best time is for your audience.

Schedule retweets

Once you have a big enough collection of tweets you may want to retweet some of them again, especially the ones that had good user engagement.

You can do this by duplicating the tweet you have posted already using Typefully.

The steps to do this are:

  • Go to the Tweeted column in the Write section of the app and find the tweet you want to retweet
  • Click the “…” to the right of the tweet to bring up a menu, select “Duplicate”
  • The duplicated tweet will appear in the Drafts section
  • You can modify the text if you want. When you are happy with the text just click on the Schedule button

The tweet is now scheduled to be retweeted at the date and time you selected.


Typefully provides detailed engagement analytics and insights that will help you find your tweets that perform well or those that need work.

Engagement during the day - Typefully

It takes a lot of trial and error to get good-performing tweets and threads – at least, it does for me.

By checking your engagement stats you will get a feel of when you should be posting your content.

The lifetime of a tweet is very low, the average time a user spends on Twitter is just over three minutes! Optimising your posting schedule is essential to have the maximum impact.

Paid Plans

The free version of Typefully is very limited. Here are the paid plans:

Paid plans for Typefully
Paid Plans – Correct on June 2022

As you can see I use the Starter plan at $8 per month. That plan is good enough for most people unless you are running multiple Twitter accounts.

The tool is being actively updated so plenty of new features to look forward to in the future.

Is it worth it?

It depends. How much do you use Twitter? Would automation of scheduling and posting of tweets grow your business?

If yes, then it may be worth trying it out for a while. The free plan is very limited, enough to check if you like the interface but not much else.

You save time by automating routine tasks like re-posting popular tweets and sending a tweet at the correct time. Typefully will automate those processes for you, saving you time that you can spend on more important tasks.

You need to dedicate time to writing tweets though.

I treat writing tweets like I’m writing an article except I’m writing lots of separate tweets at the same time. Once they are written I can schedule them for posting at the optimal time. It’s a great time saver and means you are consistently posting on Twitter.

Typefully brand logo
  • Great for writing threads
  • Easy to schedule tweets
  • Cheap, only $8 per month

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