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Family-Friendly Swisscows Search Engine: A Full Review

Imagine a search engine that respects your privacy and is safe for use by your entire family: welcome to the Swisscows Search Engine Review!

Using a search engine like Google, which tracks searches and browsing history, can pose severe privacy concerns for you and your family. A private company having access to your search data could lead to your privacy being invaded, as this data might be used for targeted advertising, potentially revealing personal preferences and habits.

For children, the risks are heightened. They could be exposed to inappropriate or harmful content, as standard search engines might not effectively filter out objectionable material. This exposure can have negative impacts on their development and safety online. It’s important to consider these risks when choosing a search engine, especially for family use.

To protect children from having their privacy invaded and pervasive tracking, pornography or other graphic content you will need to use an alternative to Google. In this blog post we will review the Swisscows family friendly search engine and see how it compares with Google.

Table of Contents for the Swisscows Search Engine

Internet Privacy

internet surveillance

Google’s search engine tracks your every move. This benefits Google and it’s business partners more than it benefits you. Most people feel that they don’t have any control of how their personal data is used, according to this Internet Privacy poll by Pew Research.

Then there’s the risk of Data Breaches. All that stored search data is like a treasure trove for hackers. A breach could mean your private information gets exposed. Unsettling, right?

Standard search engines don’t offer Anonymity. They know who you are and they know what you search for.

And finally, there’s Ad Targeting. With all the data collected, ads can get uncomfortably personal. Ever searched for something and then seen ads for it everywhere? It’s like walking into a room and finding everyone knows what you were just thinking about.

For those concerned about privacy and identity, these factors make it crucial to consider alternative search engines. These alternatives prioritize your privacy and minimize tracking. Think of it as choosing a more discreet, less intrusive friend to help with your searches.

Dangers of the Internet

The internet can be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to protect yourself. This is especially the case for children.

Inappropriate Content

Children as young as 8 or 9 frequently encounter content online that is inappropriate (source: Overexposed and under-prepared, Psychology Today).

Viewing pornographic material can have long lasting effects on children, such as:

  • Early sex
  • High risk sex
  • Sexual violence


Then, there are the online predators, lurking in the shadows of the internet. They use the web’s anonymity to target unsuspecting kids. It’s a scary thought, right? Imagine a stranger approaching a child in a park – online, it’s even easier and more concealed.

Damaged reputations

Sending messages or photos online can damage your reputation for years to come. Once something is online, it’s online forever.

People, and businesses, use the internet to research what people have done previously. It could affect your chances of getting a job. You could even be blackmailed if you uploaded content that is embarrassing or personal.

Introducing The Swisscows Search Engine: A Family Friendly Search Engine

swisscows, family friend search engine

Swisscows places great importance on family-friendly internet content.

This is what is important to Swisscows:

  1. Moral values
  2. Hates violence and pornography
  3. Promotion of digital media education

Children need to be protected from the dangers of the internet. It’s hard to do that as a parent, we often don’t know enough about technology to know how to stop our children from being exposed to dangerous content.

School teachers also do not teach digital media skills to help children use the internet safely.

Swisscows have produced a free brochure on Digital Media Training to help parents learn how to keep their children safe when using the internet. You can download here:

Swisscows Search Engine: Safe Image Searches

Swisscows does not index or display pornographic content. They believe children should be able to use the internet safely without being exposed to explicit images.

Setting your browser to use Swisscows as it’s default search engine will ensure you will not be exposed to pornographic links or images.

Safe image searches with Swisscows search engine
safe image search with Swisscows

How Does the Swisscows Search Engine Earn Money?

Swisscows serves ads from Bing. Your search query is transmitted to Bing which then delivers ads based on that query.

Since Swisscows doesn’t collect personal data from you it can’t transmit any personal data to Bing. Each ad click results in a share of the advertising revenue.

How to Switch to the Swisscows Search Engine

Swisscows has a page showing you how to install Swisscows as your default search engine on most popular browsers.

Here is the link:

Make Swisscows Your Default Search Engine in the Firefox Browser

Here is the firefox plugin to make Swisscows your default search engine:

Add Firefox extension to make Swisscows your default search engine
Add Firefox extension to make Swisscows your default search engine

Make the Swisscows Search Engine your default search engine in Google Chrome

You can use a Chrome extension to make Swisscows your default search engine. Here is the link to the extension:

Chrome extension to make Swisscows your default search engine
Chrome extension to make Swisscows your default search engine

From the screenshot above you can see I allow the extension to work in Incognito mode, otherwise it will default back to using Google. This option is off by default so do remember to enable it for complete privacy protection.

Swisscows Search Engine: No Data Is Stored About You

Swisscows technology is built in a way that prevents storage of data.

  • No search history
  • No search log files
  • No data stored
  • Delivery of ads not based on collected data

“Swisscows has no interest in your data. We do not store any data, we do not build up any search history, and we guarantee absolute anonymity.”


Swisscows takes your data privacy seriously. Here are the steps they take to keep your searches anonymous.

  • Have their own servers and do not work with a cloud or third party
  • Have their data centre in the Swiss Alps
  • Positioned everything geographically outside of EU and US

With Swisscows your searches are 100% anonymous.

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Final Thoughts on the Swisscows Search Engine

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you found it informative and useful. Here is a quick recap of the benefits of using the Swisscows Search Engine:

  • No tracking of any kind
  • Browsing history is not stored
  • Anonymous searches
  • Protection from inappropriate content (safe for children)
  • Ads shown are not based on collected data (no data is collected on users)

Dissatisfaction with Google is growing over the increasing level of surveillance and tracking of all user activities. Google’s business is almost entirely based on advertising so this will not stop and will likely increase over time.

Google search results are bloated with increasing numbers of widgets that serve to keep people on Google, rather than providing the most relevant links.

If you are fed up with Google and looking for an alternative search engine then why not try Swisscows?

It’s a great choice if you are looking for a family friendly search engine that protects you from pornography and other objectionable content.

Swisscows Search Engine

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