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SE Ranking Review: High-Value SEO at an Affordable Price

Premium SEO tools can be costly, often costing over $100+ per month, a price point not feasible for everyone. In this review, discover SE Ranking, a mid-range SEO and Keyword Research tool that delivers exceptional value at a more affordable cost.

I rely on this tool daily for discovering new keywords and conducting SEO audits on my website, and this review is based on my personal experience using it.

Please note that this review focuses on the most important features based on my usage and is not an exhaustive list of all the tool’s capabilities.

SE Ranking Review – Table of Contents

SE Ranking Free Trial

First, please note that SE Ranking offers a free trial for 14 days, and you don’t need to provide any credit card information.

The free trial gives you access to the Essential 250 plan, which I explain later, plus white label feature for 14 days.

During this trial period, you can track up to 250 keywords, run a website audit on up to 40,000 pages, monitor 6,000 backlinks, and enjoy numerous other benefits.

SE Ranking Keyword Research

The most critical function of an SEO tool, like SE Ranking, is its keyword research capability. Successful content ranking heavily relies on effective keyword research.

SE Ranking’s Keyword Research Overview page, as shown below, displays query results. The Essential Plan allows up to 100 daily queries, giving you plenty of scope to find and assess valuable keywords for your SEO strategy

SE Ranking Keyword Research

SE Ranking’s keyword research tools allow you to:

  • Thoroughly analyze keywords, providing in-depth insights into their relevance and potential.
  • Discover valuable keyword opportunities that can help you expand your reach and attract more targeted traffic.
  • Assess the difficulty of ranking for each keyword, allowing you to prioritize your efforts and focus on achievable goals.
  • Access monthly search volumes for each keyword, helping you understand its popularity and potential traffic potential.
  • Identify related keywords that can enhance your content strategy and broaden your keyword targeting.
  • Uncover low volume keywords that may have less competition, allowing you to target niche audiences and increase your chances of ranking.
Keyword Suggestions SE Ranking
Keyword Suggestions – SE Ranking

Learning how to do keyword discovery is an essential skill. Targeting a keyword that you have no hope of ranking for would only waste your time. On the other hand, focusing on a keyword that no one is searching for is equally ineffective.

The trick lies in finding keywords that align with both search demand and your realistic ranking capabilities. This is undoubtedly challenging, which is why it’s crucial to have a reliable keyword research tool that can assist you in uncovering keywords that meet these criteria.

Filter keyword suggestions - SE Ranking

You can easily filter keyword results using the filter box shown above. For instance, I can specify a maximum difficulty of 30, and any keywords more difficult than that will be automatically excluded from the results.

The Include and Exclude options further enhance your control over the results by allowing you to specify specific words that should either be included or excluded from the keyword suggestions.

I personally find the keyword research tool user-friendly, and with the filtering capabilities mentioned above, I can quickly narrow down and focus on the results that align with my interests and objectives.

In case I don’t find direct keywords that I can realistically rank for, I can simply click on the RELATED tab to explore additional keyword suggestions that might be relevant and suitable for my content.

“100% accurate keyword rank tracking
Real-time ranking positions of your website’s keywords across major search engines. Track your rankings on a country / region / city level as frequently as you want.”

Source: SE Ranking website

Keyword Rank Tracker

Tracking your website’s rankings on Google and other search engines is key to increasing views. SE Rankings’ Keyword Rank Tracker offers accurate, up-to-date rankings for your keywords across various search engines and countries, helping you monitor and improve your content’s performance.

The tool also helps identify keyword cannibalization issues, where multiple pages compete for the same keyword, potentially impacting rankings.

Additionally, SE Ranking integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, allowing for easy import of keywords and streamlined analysis.

SE Ranking Website Audit

To provide a comprehensive report on your website, you can use the Website Audit feature, which offers a graphical representation of your website’s SEO performance.

This feature provides a quick overview of any SEO issues that may exist on your website, allowing you to identify areas for improvement over time.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to schedule regular audits based on your preference, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or manually.

Website Audit - SE Ranking

The Website Audit report can be conveniently emailed to you, ensuring that you can easily access and review it.

By leveraging the power of the website audit tool, you can monitor your progress as all the relevant metrics are graphed over time, allowing you to track your website’s performance.

It’s important to note that the website audit tool offers a wide range of metrics beyond what I’ve mentioned here, providing you with extensive insights into your website’s health and performance.

In addition to the Overview page, the tool includes several other menus that offer more detailed information, such as:

  • Issue Report
  • Crawled Pages
  • Found Resources
  • Found Links
  • Crawl Comparison

SE Rankings’ comprehensive website audit tool checks for various issues, including:

By addressing the issues highlighted in the audit, you can significantly improve your website’s performance and user experience.

SEO issues: Distribution by Category - SE Ranking

The graphic above shows SEO issues horizontally with the number of issues found vertically. The colour indicates the severity of issue (red is error, yellow is warning, blue is notice and green is passed).

SE Ranking Competition Research

Competition Research - SE Ranking
Competition Research – SE Ranking

You can gain valuable insights into your competition by utilizing the Competition Research feature. Simply enter a domain, and SE Ranking will provide you with a detailed analysis of that domain.

Why Spy On The Competition?

  • By examining your competitors’ rankings, you can expand the keywords you are targeting
  • Check their backlinks, useful for outreach to get inbound links or guest blogging opportunities
  • How much are your competitors spending on advertising?

By leveraging the power of competition research, you can gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions to enhance your website’s visibility and performance.

Traffic Distribution by Country - SE Ranking
Traffic Distribution by Country – SE Ranking

Discover the countries from which your competitors are receiving traffic by using the competition research feature.

This is just a brief overview of the capabilities offered by the competition research tool. With this tool, you can delve deep and uncover a wealth of information about your competitors.

Try out this tool for free by using the widget provided below:

On Page SEO Checker

I only discovered this tool recently. It provides comprehensive on page SEO analysis for an individual page on your website.

Page Quality Score - SE Rankings On Page SEO Checker tool
Page Quality Score – On Page SEO Checker tool

In the above graphic, you can see in a glance, the SEO analysis of a page. The individual tests are grouped by topic and colour coded depending on how many tasks passed. Dark green meaning 90-100% pass with colours changing to light green, yellow, orange and finally red.

SEO Tasks - SE Rankings On Page SEO Checker tool
SEO Tasks – On Page SEO Checker tool

This graphic above displays the SEO tasks you need to complete to get a better score by priority. Clicking on the “View All Tasks” button will show all the tasks grouped by priority with a description of what needs to be done. A checkbox is next to each task so you can complete each task and then check it off.

Content Analysis – On Page SEO Checker tool

SE Ranking offers a competitive comparison tool that lets you analyze your page’s keyword usage against top-ranked Google pages. It provides detailed lists of terms used in titles, descriptions, headings, and content, offering insights into how your page compares to top-performing content.

While I haven’t personally used this tool yet, its potential for identifying keyword density issues or gaps in crucial content areas is evident. Using this tool can help refine your content strategy, optimize your pages for better keyword placement, and enhance your overall chances of climbing higher in search engine rankings.

SE Ranking Prices

se ranking prices

Various payment options are available to fit your budget and preferences. Adjust keyword check frequency to daily, every 3 days, or weekly for savings up to 40%. Choose between annual payments for larger savings or the flexibility of month-to-month plans.

The platform accommodates a wide range of keyword tracking needs, from 250 to 20,000 keywords, and offers customizable plans tailored to your specific requirements, with prices adjusted accordingly.

You also have the freedom to upgrade or cancel your plans anytime, giving you complete control over your subscription. With SE Rankings, you can access its comprehensive SEO and keyword research features without breaking the bank.

Essential Plan: Good for Beginners

The Essential Plan is ideal for beginners, offering essential features without overwhelming new users with extensive keyword tracking. It’s a great starting point for those new to SEO, allowing for growth and expansion as your website and skills develop.

This plan also offers cost-saving options, like weekly instead of daily ranking checks, which is practical for new websites still establishing their rankings.

As your site grows, upgrading your plan is straightforward, ensuring a smooth transition to more advanced features and tracking capabilities, perfectly aligning with your evolving SEO needs.

Pro Plan: Good for SEO Professionals or Big Sites

The Pro Plan is perfect for SEO professionals and large-scale websites, offering tracking for up to 1000 keywords, with options to expand further. Its key feature is the ability to manage an unlimited number of projects, ideal for overseeing multiple websites efficiently.

This plan supports up to three users, facilitating team collaboration, and includes white label reporting capabilities for presenting professional SEO reports to clients.

Tailored for SEO experts and large website management, the Pro Plan’s comprehensive features, extensive keyword tracking, and project management tools make it an excellent choice for optimizing SEO strategies and achieving superior results.

Business Plan: Good for SEO Agencies

The Business Plan is designed for SEO agencies, offering an impressive capacity to track up to 2,500 keywords, expandable to 20,000. While the full capacity comes at a higher cost, exceeding $500 per month, the investment can be highly beneficial for agencies managing multiple clients with varied keyword needs.

This plan provides an extensive range of features and capabilities, essential for monitoring and enhancing client SEO performance. Its vast keyword tracking ability and adaptability to handle numerous clients make it a powerful tool for agencies aiming to deliver top-tier SEO services and stay ahead in the competitive market.

SE Ranking: Final Thoughts

Considering SE Ranking for your SEO needs? Make sure to try their free 14-day trial. It’s an excellent way to gauge if the tool meets your specific SEO and keyword research needs.

Use this trial to explore its features and see how it can boost your site’s visibility and keyword rankings. Consider the flexible pricing on offer, making it accessible for both new and established businesses.

Test the tool firsthand to evaluate its impact on your SEO strategies.

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