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Is the Best AI Copywriting Software?

What is the best AI copywriting software on the market? This article is focused on, one of the leading AI copywriting tools available. Other AI copywriting software are available, I will discuss the alternatives later in this article.

Is creating content taking up too much of your time? Do you find it difficult to create fresh original content consistently? Don’t worry, everyone who writes content feels like that sometimes.

Writing high quality content consistently and as often as possible is great for boosting organic search traffic. Failing to do this will inevitably mean you will not keep up with competitors who are producing content at speed.

Can AI writing software help? Well this review of and AI article writing will separate the hype from the reality.

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Using AI as an Article Generator

There are advantages and disadvantages of generating content with AI. Both need to be considered before deciding if AI writing software is a good fit for you.

Benefits of AI Copywriting

Let’s examine the benefits of using AI in the copywriting process.


Manually creating content is a time-consuming process. You either have to spend valuable time on content creation yourself or pay someone else to do it. With AI there is now a third option, let the AI create the content for you. can generate a blog article, from start to finish, in a few minutes. Just give the article a title, some keywords to target and let the AI do the rest.

Easy to Use has many easy to use tools that can guide you through the process of creating a blog post from nothing. Just provide the title and some keywords and the article will be generated for you.

Avoid the Tyranny of the Blank Page

For a copywriter sometimes the hardest part is getting started with an article. Once you have the article structure such as title, sub-headings and conclusion the article is much easier to write. will generate ideas, bullet points, headings and lists to get you started.

Use AI to generate content based on a list of keywords and then manually create the copy for the article.

Disadvantages of Using AI

There are always trade-offs to be made when using copywriting tools.

Your Writing will not have a Unique Style

Robots don’t have a sense of humor

Using AI writing software means your writing will not have your style or flair. It will look bland or generic in comparison to well written software produced by a good copywriter.

Robots don’t have a sense of humor so don’t expect your content to be funny.

Will Your Content Be Unique?

It’s an interesting question to ask. Exactly how AI copywriting software works is a secret, these are commercial companies after all. Still, it seems likely they will crawl existing content from the internet and index it so AI software can generate similar content.

How similar though? Google and other search engines prefer fresh, original content. If an AI article generator produces content the same or similar to existing content on the internet it could hurt your ranking.

AI software companies promise unique content so perhaps there is nothing to worry about…

How well does an AI Understand the Worries and Concerns of Your Audience?

The purpose of writing content for a business website is to address worries and concerns of potential customers. This will help them to decide on purchasing your products or services.

Content that does not do this isn’t helpful to move your leads down the sales funnel. It doesn’t help your bottom line by increasing sales and revenue.

The question is how likely can AI article writing successfully address concerns of real humans? I don’t know the answer to that, worth thinking about though.

Use as Your AI Content Generator

Using an AI content generator helps online digital creators save time and effort. promises to produce better articles with less effort.

It’s not realistic to expect AI to produce a completed high quality article instantly, it does promise to be a good copywriting assistant that cuts down the time to complete well written articles. has a Blog Wizard Tool that makes it easy to create an entire blog article in a few minutes.

Blog Wizard Tool -
Blog Wizard Tool

First give your blog a title, enter some keywords you want to target and set a tone for the article.

Blog Wizard Tool -

Then press the Generate Outline to generate content.

Generated content using Blog Wizard Tool -
Content generated by the Blog Wizard Tool in

Within seconds will generate content based on your keywords and blog title. will generate multiple blocks of content you can copy individual blocks or all the generated content.

After the outline of the article is generated you are given options to generate more outlines, for a longer article, or regenerate all the content. This allows you to refine the outline of the article until you are satisfied.

The blog wizard tool steps you through the process of generating the complete article.

Use as a Copywriting Assistant

You can use to generate parts of an article for you, e.g. Intro, Conclusion or just the outline of a blog. Here is a the tools menu, expanded for Blog Tools:

Copy.AI tools menu tools menu

I prefer using to generate outlines to articles because I find starting an article is the hardest part. Once I have an outline, generated by keywords I supply, it speeds up writing the article.

For best results you should do keyword research on the keywords you supply to otherwise your content will be unlikely to rank highly – no matter how good the quality is.

Add AI to Your Toolbox of Copywriting Software

Writing copy is hard. It’s time-consuming and requires a lot of focus and discipline to do well. Anything that can assist you with your copywriting output is worth trying.

Generate Blogging Ideas

Use for generating blogging ideas. Sometimes the hardest part can be coming up with a good idea for an article.

Give some keywords you have researched that are relevant for your niche and have good monthly search volume, ideally without much competition.

Let come up with suggestions for articles based on the keywords you supply. Blog Ideas Wizard Blog Ideas wizard

Generate Outlines for Articles

Use as an outlining tool to generate sub-headings that you can manually fill in later. builds the basic structure of your article but leaves you, or your copywriters, to flesh out the article manually.

This is my preferred way of using

Generate First Drafts of Articles

You can use to produce a first draft of an article in minutes.

You can use the copy generated by for the final article – with some editing, or you can use the copy as a starting point.

When I use this method I end up replacing most if not all the content generated so I prefer just to use the outlines. For people with little time and don’t enjoy writing that much this method could be the preferred way of using

There is no correct way, use in a way that assists you to write the very best content you can given your time constraints. Plans: How Much Does Cost?

If you find saves you time you may want to consider the paid version. Here are the prices: Paid Plans – Prices correct August 2022

The $49 per month price is based on paying monthly, you can get a lower price by paying yearly.

Use as a Free Copywriting Tool

You can use a free version of for testing. Using AI for content creation may not be for you. No worries, give it a go and see whether the output is something you can work with. allows you to generate 2000 words per month for free. No credit card required.

You get access to over 90+ copywriting tools.

If you like you can sign up for a 7 day trial of the Pro Plan. Pro Plan

With the Pro Plan you can generate 40K, 100K or 300K words every month. So, for 2000 word articles, you can create 20, 50 or 150 articles per month.

For 300K words the monthly prices is $279/month (August 2022).

The Pro Plan gives you access to the Blog Wizard Tool, the quickest way to create an entire blog article.

The Pro Plan supports 25 languages.

Best AI Copywriting Software: Languages supported by
Languages supported in the Pro Plan

Alternatives to CopyAI

AI copywriting software is experiencing a boom at the moment with many new startups entering this field.

Jasper AI

The Jasper AI has been trained to write original creative content. It can write:

  • blog articles
  • website copy
  • social media posts
  • write in 25+ languages

It gets 5/5 stars in over 5000 reviews.


The only AI writer that helps your write SEO optimized long form (1500 words) articles.

It has some free tools available to try here:

It has a Text Expander tool to help you expand and lengthen your articles.

It can help with Landing Pages, Product Descriptions and Facebook Ads.

You can get 6,250 words for free every month. For long form articles pricing starts at $13 per month for 47,500 words. Check out the pricing page here:


You can personalise this AI software by giving it an email or linkedin profile page and it can generate personalized content. Useful for cold outreach emails or linkedin connection requests.

It has some free tools you can use here:

Paid plans start from $29 per month. A free forever plan exists.

Final Thoughts

Using AI to assist with copywriting is an exciting thought. I personally find using AI to outline articles is the best approach for me. I prefer to write the content myself.

Still, based on your style and preferences, you can use AI for outlining, idea generation or content generation.

Although I focused on content generation for blogging can also help with email marketing, and generating social media content as well.

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  • Great for outlining articles
  • Useful for blogging ideas
  • Create an article in minutes
  • 7 day trial of Pro Plan available

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