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All in One SEO Plugin will Make You Better at SEO

All in One SEO, abbreviated to AIOSEO, is a WordPress plugin that improves the SEO of your website.

Not sure if your website ranks well in Google?

Don’t know how it could be improved to rank better?

Your best friend is an SEO plugin, it will find issues for you and suggest fixes so you will rank higher in search engines.

It’s beginner friendly, plus it comes with a Setup Wizard to help you configure your site quickly.


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So, how easy is it to install AIOSEO?

  1. From your WordPress admin page just go to Plugins -> Add New.
  2. Type in “All in One SEO” to the Keyword text box. You will see the plugin description appear. Press the INSTALL button.
  3. Press the ACTIVATE button to make the plugin active.


After installation the Setup Wizard launches, you can skip it if you want, but I find it useful to get configured quickly.

It’s a six page wizard that sets defaults for your site based on the answers you give.

All in One SEO, Setup Wizard

Okay, now you have the plugin installed and configured it’s time to look at the different features you get and how to use them.

WordPress Menu

All in One WordPress Menu

After installation you will see the All in One SEO menu has been added to the WordPress admin menu.

From here you can select different features and tools offered by the plugin.

Some of these features will only work if you have the paid version of the plugin.

WordPress Dashboard Widget

All in One SEO WordPress Dashboard widget

From the WordPress Dashboard you will see “Check your SEO” button. Press this to see the AIOSEO widget that gives you an overview of your site.

This gives you a quick overview of your site. Select the “Complete Site Audit Checklist” to see a useful checklist covering Basic and Advanced SEO, performance and security information.

You can look for items with a red cross to find issues. Press the “>” button on the right to drill down to see more information about any issues.

Headline Analyser

The Headline Analyser button at the top of the page gives you an SEO score, clicking on it shows a sidebar on the page you are writing. It analyses your page for SEO issues. Instead of just giving you a pass or fail grade it gives you an actionable checklist to help you make improvements.

I find it useful to give me a running score of how my blog post is doing for SEO.

Another button next to the Headline Analyser shows you a search snippet preview of your article. With information on keyphrases, title, readability and SEO.

SEO Analysis

All in One SEO Audit checklist

From your WordPress admin page, select All in One SEO menu then select the “SEO Analysis” sub-menu option.

You can see the SEO analysis for your entire site from this screen.

Think about it, how much effort would it be to remember to check for each SEO issue every time?

AIOSEO checks as you write the article, providing a checklist for Basic SEO, Title and Readability. Anything that has a red cross needs your attention. 

Clicking on the arrow button gives you more information and how to resolve any issues found.


Sitemaps help search engines find your content. A sitemap page contains a list of your pages, posts, images and how frequently they change and the priority for the search engine to analyse the page for indexing. You can configure what content is listed or excluded.

Changing the priority and other settings to tailor the sitemap to your needs is easy. For instance, if you add new blog posts daily you can set the change frequency to daily rather than the default of weekly.

The paid version of the plugin also supports:

  • Video sitemaps
  • News sitemaps

Social Network Support

All in One SEO twitter support

Full support for social networks is included. You can supply your social network links to let search engines know what social profiles are associated with your site.

Plus, configure how your posts are displayed when shared on Facebook or Twitter. In the image above I use Twitter as an example. I set the image displayed, when shared on Twitter, to be the featured image of the blog post.

Feature Manager

All in One Feature Manager

If you decide to purchase the plugin you will have more more features to use. I am reviewing the free version so have not used these features.

Pro features supported:

  • Image SEO
  • Video sitemap
  • News sitemap
  • Local Business SEO
  • Redirection manager
  • Link Assistant
  • IndexNow – instantly notify search engines when your pages change

The Best Plugin for SEO?

I personally use this SEO plugin on this site to identify and resolve SEO problems. Even if you’re well-versed in SEO, it’s easy to overlook issues, particularly when facing a deadline. This SEO plugin ensures that your content is reviewed and any significant SEO issues are addressed, providing you with peace of mind.

All in One SEO website

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