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8 Expert Tips to Help You Never Run Out of Things to Write About Again

Imagine staring at your screen, the cursor blinking mockingly as you struggle to find new things to write about. This dreaded writer’s block, a familiar foe to many, can make even the most seasoned writers feel like they’ve hit a creative dead end. But with these 8 expert tips, the well of inspiration will never run dry again, ensuring a constant flow of fresh and engaging content for your readers.

It’s important to keep publishing new content regularly. Readers love websites that routinely publish fresh, original content. By frequently publishing content, you’ll rank for a wider range of keywords, which means more traffic to your website.

So, let’s dive into some techniques and tips to ensure you never run out of things to write about!

Table of Contents on Things to Write About

Things to Write About: Keep a Running List of Ideas

write down your blog ideas

To never run out of things to write about, use a note-taking app (or an actual notebook) to keep a list of blogging ideas. The best app I have found for this is Notion. It’s a free website and app you can use for note taking and much more.

However, if you prefer, a physical notebook works just as well.

Whenever you have an idea for a blog article, make sure to write it down! Accumulating a list of blogging ideas will make it easier for you to decide your next blog article.

Different Types of Lists

You are not limited to just blog idea lists, you can keep a list of:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Observations
  • News related to your niche

These lists can indirectly give you some creative ideas for your next blog article.

Review Your Ideas List Regularly

review your blog ideas

To efficiently generate new things to write about, review your list of blog ideas and perform tasks in batches.

Batching involves completing similar tasks, like keyword research or drafting titles, for multiple articles in one session. This method enhances focus and efficiency, preventing the loss of concentration that comes with frequent task switching.

Having a range of prepared ideas with completed keyword research ensures you’re always ready to write, reducing the time spent brainstorming and increasing productivity.

Try batching your tasks it may help you be more productive and focused

Things to Write About: Use Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are great for finding things to write about. You can type in a topic or phrase and get a list of similar keywords and related keywords.

In the screenshot below you can see the search results for “rock garden decor”. The keyword is difficult to rank for and highly competitive, alternative keywords would be preferable even though they have much smaller monthly search volume.

keyword search results in SE Ranking
“rock garden decor” keyword search – SE Ranking

You also get the monthly search volume and keyword difficulty with each keyword. There is no point targeting a keyword that is too difficult to rank for. Prefer low competition keywords when deciding on the focus keyword for your article.

Follow Your Passions and Interests

Writing about topics that personally interest you is not only easier but also more engaging and motivating compared to covering subjects that don’t capture your attention.

The successful bloggers aren’t better than other bloggers, they are just more consistent in creating content. This approach not only keeps you engaged but also ensures a steady stream of things to write about.

Most of your interests can be used to make money for you. Look at this article to get some ideas on how to monetize your interests: How to become an Internet Entrepreneur

Use your experience, knowledge, hobbies and interests to inform and guide readers. In addition, displaying your experience and expertise helps readers trust your content resulting in higher user engagement.

Not sure which hobbies or interests you should focus on for blogging? Check out this article on finding your niche: “The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect SEO Niches for Your Business or Blog.” It will provide valuable insights on discovering your niche and identifying the ideal topics to explore. Finding your niche is the first step towards creating engaging and targeted content.

Things to Write About: Think about Sub-Topics in Your Niche

find sub-topics in your niche to come up with things to write about

Niching down in content creation offers many benefits. Targeting a specific niche means less competition and higher conversion rates as you’re speaking directly to a more focused audience. This specificity makes it easier to rank your content due to fewer competitors targeting niche keywords.

With niche content, resources and money are used more efficiently. When starting out with limited funds, targeting a niche audience is a strategic choice. This focused approach reduces the need for extensive advertising, as ranking on the first page of Google for specific keywords can drive organic traffic.

Producing niche content aligns with Google’s “Helpful Content” update. This update values content that provides specific, valuable information, increasing the chances of higher ranking. Writing for a niche ensures a constant stream of relevant and engaging things to write about, satisfying both the audience and search engine algorithms.

Things to Write About: Try Different Formats

try different media formats

Exploring different formats and media can diversify the things you write about. Beyond standard blog posts, consider:

  • Question and Answer (FAQ style article)
  • Interview article
  • How to…
  • Listicles (“7 tips on…”)
  • Deep dive on a topic
  • Curated content (“Top 10 twitter feeds to follow”, “7 essential books”) and so on

You can even try different media such as:

  • Video article – create a blog post and embed a video into the article (YouTube video works fine)
  • Podcast – create a blog post and embed a podcast (you will need to use a podcast widget)
  • Infographic article – use a graphic app or website (e.g. Canva) to create an infographic

This variety not only adds interest but also caters to different audience preferences. Experiment with these options to find what best suits your style and audience, mixing and matching as needed.

Following the news and trends in your niche should provide you with plenty of things to write about. Your readers will appreciate you keeping them informed about the latest information, products, services or news in your niche.

Find blogs, online forums or news sites that cover your niche. Use social media to find and follow creators who cover your niche.

With a large list of sites and social media accounts for your niche you will never run out of ideas to blog about.

For instance:

  • Controversies in your niche
  • Pros and cons articles
  • “explainer” articles
  • News from your niche
  • Questions you see on social media that you can answer
  • “hot takes” on a topic
  • Controversial ideas or opinions

Information sources you can use:

  • Search for websites on your niche
  • Social media accounts (Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, PInterest)
  • Reddit – find your niche subreddit (just Google for “<my niche> reddit”)
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube

Be careful that the news sources are accurate and reliable. Otherwise you could be basing your blog ideas on hearsay or wrong information.

News sources are a great way to find blogging ideas

Things to Write About: Use AI Tools to Help you Generate Ideas

Although AI tools are not great for writing content (in my opinion) they are great for generating ideas, content plans and helping you with research content.

If you are comfortable typing in prompts to an AI tool then you can use ChatGPT to generate ideas for you. Check out this article on ChatGPT prompts for writers.

For instance, let’s ask ChatGPT for a mind map of the topic “Keto Diet”:

generate a mind map for a topic using  chatgpt
ChatGPT output for the prompt “generate a mind map for keto diet”

This screenshot is only a partial output, it goes on for a while on benefits, potential drawbacks and key takeaways. See how it is so easy to come up with blog ideas?

I advise you not to generate articles using AI tools. The content is mediocre at best and sometimes produces false information. In the case of ChatGPT the content is more than a year old so will not give good answers for new trends and topics in your niche.

Google considers AI content generation to be spamming and is against their Terms of Service

Things to Write About: Ask your audience

Once your readership has grown you can view the comments to find what engages your audience. What questions are they asking? Do they agree or disagree with your content?

Use social media to promote your content and to ask what your audience is interested in. What topics should you write about and what problems your audience have.

Ask your readers directly for feedback and to comment on your content

Final Thoughts on Things to Write About

Thanks for reading! Let’s quickly summarize the main takeaways when it comes to things to write about:

  • Keep a running list of ideas
  • Use keyword research tools
  • Blog about your passions, interests and hobbies
  • Think about subtopics in your niche
  • Experiment with different formats and media
  • Stay current with news and trends from your niche
  • Use AI to generate blog ideas and content outlines
  • Ask your audience

For digital creators, start using these tips today to help you think up new and exciting content for your audience.

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