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3 Affordable keyword discovery tools

Finding affordable keyword discovery tools is almost as difficult as finding good keywords to rank for. In this article I cover 3 keyword discovery tools that are worth checking out, they all have free trials so you can test them out without paying anything.

Why keyword research is so important

Writing for highly competitive keywords or keywords no-one is searching for is a waste of time.

Wasting precious time trying to find suitable keywords to rank for is frustrating. You could buy a premium SEO service if you are willing to spend over $100+ per month. What if you don’t have the budget for one of those tools?

Sure, you can use free keyword research tools but that limits you to only a tiny number of keyword searches per day. If you don’t find suitable keywords after you reach your daily free limit? Wait until the next day…

What if there was a way to get good keyword suggestions without spending huge amount of time or huge amounts of money?

There is a third alternative. Use a middle tier SEO tool that isn’t too expensive but will provide some useful features.

Research premium SEO tools after you have proven the benefits of copywriting to drive traffic to your website.

Affordable keyword discovery tools – Table of Contents

  1. Mangools
  2. SE Rankings
  3. Jaaxy


Easy to use for keyword research

mangools keyword research tool

Typing a keyword phrase into the keyword finder and press the arrow button results in a table of keywords showing:

  • Keyword phrase
  • Trend
  • Monthly search volume
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)

For organic search traffic we are interested in monthly search volumes and keyword difficulty.

You can sort by KD so you can see the easiest to rank for keyphrases.

Search for related keywords, autocomplete and questions

Mangools offers you other ways of finding keywords. Based on your current keyphrase you can drill down to find related keywords or Google autocomplete data or look for questions using the keyword.

You can try it yourself:

Paid Plans

Prices vary from under $30 per month to $80 per month (Based on July 2022 prices). You can make big savings by paying annually.

Mangools - Paid Plans
Mangools Paid Plans – Correct June 2022
Mangools logo
  • Easy to use for Keyword Research
  • Approx $30-80 per month
  • Supports Keyword Research, Rank tracking, Backlink analysis and SEO metrics

SE Rankings

SE Rankings has some impressive paid plans but first let’s cover the basics.

As expected you get a keyword research tool that allows you to view monthly search volume and difficulty scores for each keyword.

Also listed are related keywords and low search volume keywords. Very useful, especially for new websites that won’t be able to rank for competitive keywords.

SE Rankings has a Marketing Plan section that has an SEO checklist, website analysis and custom goals to help you plan your content and your marketing strategy.

Support for social tools including analytics and auto-posting.

SE Rankings keyword research tool

The similar keywords page lists suggestions for similar keywords, estimated search volumes, SERP Features (Google adds these features to the first page of results) and difficulty scores are listed.

Easily sort and filter the results. As mentioned above the low search volume button can be used to see a list of keywords that you can likely rank for, even with a new website.

keyword research using SE rankings

You can test the SE Rankings keyword research tool here for free:

Paid Plans

SE Rankings allows you to vary the frequency your rankings are checked, the less frequent the lower the price of the subscription. It’s a great feature and it can really make a big difference to how much the subscription costs.

For instance, on the lower tier ESSENTIAL here are the prices for each check frequency (Correct June 2022):

  • Rankings checked every day: $31.20 per month
  • Rankings checked every three days: $24.96 per month
  • Rankings checked every week: $18.72 per month

As you can see at the lower check frequencies you can get a substantial discount!

SE Rankings - Paid Plans
SE Rankings – Paid Plans Correct June 2022
  • Keyword Research has a Low Search Volume filter
  • < $20 per month by reducing check frequency of rankings
  • Supports Keyword Research, Rank Tracker, On-Page SEO checker, Backlink monitor , Social tools and more


The third, and final tool for this affordable SEO review, is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. It’s designed to streamline your keyword and competition research.

You can try the keyword search tool here:

Traffic, QSR (no. of competing websites ranking for this exact keyword), ranking and domain data are available for billions of search terms. 

Jaaxy has good keyword management features. You can easily save, store, share and export your keywords.

Jaaxy - keyword research tool

Alphabet Soup – Jaaxy

Alphabet Soup search helps find additional keywords, it’s a unique feature not seen in the other tools. For a given keyphrase it will generate new keywords that include the original keywords with additional words from a to z. In the example below, the original keyword is bolded and additional keywords starting with “b” are added:

Alphabet Soup - Jaaxy

Paid Plans

Jaaxy - paid plans
Jaaxy Paid Plans – Correct June 2022

The free tier gives you a fixed number of keywords searches. Just 30, then you need to decide if you want a paid version.

Jaaxy isn’t the cheapest mid-tier SEO tool. Still, if you like the alphabet soup feature it could be worth it. You can try it out for free for 30 searches to see if you like it.

jaaxy logo

  • Good keyword management features
  • Alphabet soup generates hundreds of keyword suggestions
  • Supports Domain Search, SiteRank, Historical Rankings and more…


You can play around with all three tools to decide which you like the best. They all offer the ability to do keyword research, a core skill you need to get the most out of content marketing.

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